IMPORTANT: There is a known problem that prevents the application from starting. The crash happens when the BIG iPhoto library is in a different location than the default Pictures folder and also in the Pictures folder there is no other iPhoto library.
TEMPORARY FIX: Create a folder named iPhoto Library or iPhoto Library.photolibrary or iPhoto Library.bundle inside your Pictures folder.

Idealistic Future


Shrink your iPhoto® library
by resizing all your photos down to
the actual resolution of your Mac®.

NEW: • RAW files support (converting to jpg): 80-95% compression!
• iSlimPhoto now works great with Aperture 3.3 (and later) libraries
• Support for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display resolution
  • No need for all those megapixels

    Take with you only as many pixels as your MacBook® can display.

  • Economy of space: 60-90%

    Save a lot of GBs of HDD/SSD space used by the iPhoto® library.

  • Perfect images, just slim library

    The "Perfect" quality setting makes the slimmed photos indistinguishable.

  • Adjustable compression

    You can select a lower quality level to save even more space (losing some detail).

  • Fast but not resource hog

    iSlimPhoto makes use of all the computing power available, without interfering with your work.

  • Quickly update the slim library

    After the first pass, use iSlimPhoto again to quickly copy new photos and changes from the BIG library.

  • Economies of scale passed to customers

    Being able to sell to a much larger audience in the new Mac App Store, we can now offer you iSlimPhoto for a fraction of its price:

    US $9.99 | £6.99 | 7,99 € | ¥1200
    11 CHF | 55 NOK | 75 SEK | 59 DKK
    MXN $100 | CAD $9.99 | AUD $12.99 | NZD $13.99
    learn more/buy...

  • Customer Support

    We stand behind our products and want to offer our customers the best possible experience, by:

    • Providing a great product;
    • Working quickly to fix any bugs;
    • Incorporating customer suggestions in new versions.

    Need help? Have a bug? A suggestion?
    Contact us anytime!


Q: How can iSlimPhoto achieve 60-90% compression?
A: A typical camera takes photos on a resolution 7-12x bigger than what a typical display may present. Every time you look at a picture in your iPhoto® library, the picture is resized down to your display. iSlimPhoto does the entire resizing process in only one step. It's similar to what Apple® does when syncing pictures to iPod®, iPad® or iPhone® devices.

Q: If I select Perfect will I truly get pictures that look identical?
A: Yes. The pictures will look exactly the same with the original on any display with the resolution you selected. Only when you try to zoom into the picture you will start losing details. Selecting Perfect will typically achieve a compression of about 60-65%.

Q: How does the RAW file compression work?
A: A RAW file keeps the image uncompressed. iSlimPhoto converts it to jpeg (a compressed standard) and slims it down to the resolution of your Mac® for an incredible 80-95% compression. You can still find the original RAW files in the BIG library on an external drive, Time Capsule or home computer.

Q: How can I find where my BIG iPhoto® library is located?
A: Quit iPhoto®, then hold down the alt (option) key and click on the iPhoto® icon. A dialog box with a list of all your iPhoto® libraries will appear. You can see under the list the location of the currently selected library.

Q: Should I install iSlimPhoto on the computer with the BIG iPhoto® library or on the MacBook® on which I want to carry the slim library?
A: You can install iSlimPhoto on any computer you use. To reduce processing time it is recommended to use the fastest computer you have.

Q: Can I use my new MacBook® (Air®/Pro) to slim my photos?
A: Sure, you just need to be in the same network with your older Mac holding the BIG iPhoto® library, or be able to access it through Back to my Mac. Select the BIG library from the older Mac's disk and use a new library (such as the one suggested by iSlimPhoto) that resides on the new MacBook® (Air).

Q: Can I use my more powerful iMac®/Mac® Pro to slim the photos?
A: Sure. Run iSlimPhoto on your more powerful computer, then copy the slim library from it to the MacBook® (Air/Pro). Or, run iSlimPhoto on your more powerful computer and indicate as the slim library a new folder on your MacBook® (Air/Pro), if you can access it through the network. Just make sure to set both of them so they don't go to sleep.

Q: I slimmed my photos, now how can I tell iPhoto to use the slim library on my MacBook® (Air®/Pro)?
A: Quit iPhoto®, then hold down the alt (option) key and click on the iPhoto® icon. A dialog box will appear. Click on Other library... and navigate to the slim library. If you used the default location proposed by iSlimPhoto, you will find it in /Users/your_username/Pictures/iSlimPhoto/iSlimPhoto Library.bundle.

Q: I have a real old Intel processor (not 64-bit), will I be able to use iSlimPhoto?
A: All Intel processors are supported in iSlimPhoto 1.1 and later.

Q: I have another question, a suggestion, a bug report, I hate iSlimPhoto etc.
A: Please contact us, we would like to hear from you and help you.

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Wow, iSlimPhoto is awesome!
Really a fantastic idea,
exactly what's needed with all our ever expanding iPhoto libraries!
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